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IzoRoom™ Custom

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IzoRoom™ Custom
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IzoRoom ™ produces modular isolation spaces of absolutely any dimensions: from a small booth for 1 person to a big room. Our engineers always have a solution for any soundproofing and acoustics case. IzoRoom ™ Custom is a booth of your comfort and dream : any size, interior and exterior decor, functionality and accessories! 

IzoRoom ™ Custom features:

  • custom dimensions
  • custom  level of sound isolation
  • custom  silent ventilation or air conditioning
  • custom number of window modules
  • custom  indoor furniture
  • special patch panels and ports
  • protection against wiretapping
  • custom colors and type of interior and exterior decor
  • leather, veneer, anti-vandal coating
  • branding, coloring in corporate color

Land and air delivery is carried out by transport companies to the address or to the terminal to any city in the world.

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