IzoRoom ™ Comfort Vocal and Recording Booth

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IzoRoom™ Comfort
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IzoRoom™ Comfort
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Soundproof booth IzoRoom ™ Comfort will relieve you of room echo - now you can professionally do production, rehearse, record voice and instruments at any time of the day. The set of the acoustic cabin includes everything you need for comfortable work: ventilation, light, a convenient folding table for a laptop and a sound card, a port for connecting external equipment, a surge protector. The booth windows can be placed both on the right and on the left, choosing the appropriate side during assembly.

The Comfort model is equipped with an external ventilation module with adjustable air flow. The powerful ventilation quickly refreshes the air in the booth, providing absolute comfort for extended periods of time. The ventilation module can be placed on the right, left, and on the roof of the acoustic booth.

Thanks to a special soundproofing design and noise reduction technologies developed by IzoRoom ™ engineers, the Comfort model has an enhanced level of sound insulation, which will allow you to work in harmony with your neighbors, as well as with the people around you in neighboring rooms, anytime and anywhere.

Osobennosti Peculiarities IzoRoom™ Comfort:

  • advanced   soundproofing
  • collapsible  
  • hybrid adjustable   ventilation
  • double soundproof triplex window
  • LED lighting
  • discounted upgrade subscription
  • 3 years warranty


  • double soundproof triplex window - 2pcs
  • built-in silent ventilation - 1pc
  • external silent adjustable ventilation - 1pc
  • surge protector   - 1pc
  • LED   lamp - 1pc
  • table for equipment - 1pc  
  • cable port   - 1pc
  • assembly tool - 1pc
  • assembly instructions   - 1pc

Paid options:

  • dynamic RGB light
  • support wheels
  • custom table
  • timbre panels
  • blind acoustic panel for windows

Step 1: choose size


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Step 2: choose a color

  • Beige
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Grey
  • Graphite
  • Black
  • Purple
  • Burgundy
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Green
  • Light blue
  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Graphite

Step 3: add options

Dynamic light

539 $  more details

Support wheels

138 $  more details


211 $  more details

Custom table

207 $  more details

Now inspiration won't keep you waiting. Create and control your mood with the dynamic light option from & nbsp; IzoRoom ™. Choose a standard light or any of over 250 shades, and give it the brightness and dynamics you want.

Now you can easily move your IzoRoom ™. Based on the dimensions of the booth and the surface features (carpet, carpet, tiles, laminate, etc.) & nbsp; we will select wheels with the required height and load.

Convenient blinds allow you to retire and work comfortably in the booth.

IzoRoom ™ engineers will develop an individual project of a table, shelves & nbsp; and mounts for your equipment. & Nbsp; You just need to tell the dimensions of the equipment, describe how it will be convenient for you to operate it, and we will create a solution that will make your work as comfortable as possible.

Step 4: choose a payment method

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