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IzoRoom™ Sound Isolation Booths

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IzoRoom™ Custom

IzoRoom™  is a place where no one will disturb you and you won't disturb anyone around. It is  your own private space, where you can work 24 hours a day.  It has great isolation level and prefect acoustics, equipped with noiseless active ventilation system, cable ports, surge protector, notebook table — everything you need to work in comfort. IzoRoom™ is easily transported and assembled within 15 minutes by using just regular screwdriver. You can choose color and size of your IzoRoom™.

IzoRoom™  booths are specially design for sound recordings, instrument and voice rehearsal, voice over, film and television audio production, internet, radio and TV broadcasting.

It is high time to make great achievements! Сoncentrate on your talents and get absolute freedom with IzoRoom™!

Artists, Singers, Musicians

Record and rehearse at any place you want

Bloggers, Streamers, Speakers, Narrators

Shoot videos, stream, do voice-overs

Audio Engineers, Sound Producers

Do mastering and mixing

Multimedia and Creative Agencies

Give the right sound to your projects

Educational Institutions

Hold vocal and music workshops

TV and Radio Companies

Broadcast and do multimedia production