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IzoRoom™ Standart

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IzoRoom™ Standart
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external size — 1.05 x 1.15 x 2.1 m
internal size  — 0.92 x 1.02 x 2 m
window size — 800x800mm
weight — 150kg
Forget about room echo and get rid of annoying sounds with IzoRoom ™ Standart. Now you can professionally rehearse and record voice or instruments, make multimedia production at any time without disturbing anyone.  With Standart model your neighbours won't hear you and vice versa, however people staying in the same room might hear your sound, depending on your type of activity.


  • basic level of sound isolation
  • assembly in 15 minutes
  • triplex safety glass 
  • silent active ventilation

  • 6w LED lamp
  • 5 sockets surge filter
  • laptop table
  • 2 cable ports

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  • Dynamic light

    278 € 
    305.8 $ 

  • Selfie light for video

    105 € 
    115.5 $ 

  • Chair

    83 € 
    91.3 $ 

  • Acoustic panels 8pcs

    95 € 
    104.5 $ 

Control the light and color inside your booth: choose a standard light or any of over 250 shades, and give it the brightness and dynamics you need.

The ring light can provide beautiful lighting for live broadcasts (video streaming) and selfies. The annular light source creates soft illumination and a beautiful annular highlight effect in the eyes. 2 methods of supplying current: battery and external power adapter more

Wonderful Fill Light to Attract Fans
  • Fill light plays a very important role in live streaming (video streaming) and selfies.
  • LED light source creates softer and more uniform light output; TLCI and Color Rendering Index over 95, make the skin white and smooth; & nbsp;
  • Ring light source, with its help your face becomes stereoscopic.

Dual Wireless Control System
  • Supports APP mobile phone remote control and YONGNUO 2.4G wireless control system, making it simple and fast to fine-tune real time for the desired color temperature according to the light effect.
  • YONGNUO's patented LED drive technology ensures that no waves, stroboscopic flashes or other phenomena appear when shooting.
  • 2 methods of supplying current - battery and external power adapter.

The modern chair with a soft seat made of artificial leather does not take up much space and is designed for a long service life.

Special acoustic wood panels add rich, vibrant sound to your booth. Move panels inside the cockpit - create a unique sound.